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Saxon newspaper Hoyerswerda from 18.03.2017

Everything is clear for the jetski season

On the Partwitzer Lake, water sports fans will soon be back at their expense. A new operator wants to start with the system.

Water sports fans will not have to wait a long time: On 29th April the jetski season starts on the Partwitzer lake. Near the floating house at the future port, interested again find the water sports station with beach bar. So everything as before? On the contrary, with the new season, a new company is also launching on the Partwitzer See. Until now Celsion Brandschutzsysteme GmbH from Radibor with the "Jetskiarea" on the lake was active, it is now the Hoyerswerdaer Handelsunternehmen Hoyo Technology GmbH. From the "Jetskiarea" becomes the "Jetskibase". In addition to the new name, there is also a new logo and new equipment.

Celsion CEO Boris Schubert, himself an avid jetski rider, calls upon request several reasons for the withdrawal from the Partwitzer See. On the one hand, a stronger focus is needed on the actual business area of ??the company: "Current challenges in fire protection, especially the European developments, demand a stronger expansion from us," says Boris Schubert. The company is at home and abroad on extension course. He also introduced "difficult conditions" on the ground that would have led to the operation of the "Jetskibase": the current watering and limited use until the end of 2017. "The team of drivers and investors will continue the activities with a lot of heartbreak," Boris Schubert is convinced. Hoyo Managing Director Dirk Lehmann also likes to ride the jet ski over the water. "It's fun, and it has to go on here," he explained. On the other hand, the lake and the driver did not want to leave; On the other hand, he also has a personal interest in the continuing life of jet skiing in Kleinpartwitz. He is supported by Carolin Hössel, former assistant to the management at Celsion and Manager of the Jetskirchen around the Celsion Cup. When it comes to fast water sports, she was and is the contact person. She learned Dirk Lehmann - quite clearly - at jet ski events. Now they work together and re-launch the jet ski activities. First on the Partwitzer See and somehow, as planned for a long time, on the Spreetaler Lake, which awaits an approved intermediate use.

A jet ski is not planned for this year. Perspectively, according to Dirk Lehmann. Such a race is an expensive affair and organisationally a plague.

A dedicated racing team

According to Carolin Hössel, the Jetskibase is at the beginning and wants to "get the normal operation to run". Vehicles need to be worried to put a bungee ride on the water. Two jet skis can be rented. This is now possible for interested parties on the company's website. The vouchers can be bought. The beach bar is of course reserved for the guests, and for the younger visitors the team of the jetskibase wants to set up a sun-proof play corner - with seating possibilities, building blocks, painting ... Parents can let off steam on the water. The company Celsion has not only brought the jetskisport to the Partwitzer See in the past, but also appeared as a racing team. This should remain so. At the UIM World Championship 2016, the team reached third place with their Swedish rider Lars Akerblom and will, according to Boris Schubert, try to improve the ranking this year. From the development team in Sweden were built new jetski, which are currently being tested to get the title in 2017.

The fact that Celsion is no longer active on the Partwitzer See does not have any effect on the involvement of Boris Schubert in Spreetal. As reported, Celsion bought the former cultural center there to use it after a reconstruction in the context of the jet skiing sport on the Spreetaler See, as a garage for the racing machines and about as a lodging facility. "The construction work can possibly be completed faster by the planned media development at the lake," was to be learned from the Celsion boss. "We hope that the first construction phase will be ready for construction by the end of 2017." At all, he remains firmly linked to fast water sports. One would also go to numerous races in 2017 and, of course, support the racing team. "The feeling of freedom on the water is unique in jetskiing and can not be compared with anything and recommended to everyone as a compensation to stressful days."

Jetskibase at the port of the Partwitzer Lake, Season:

29 April to 30 September. Opening hours: fridays, 13 to

6 pm, saturday evening / sunday, 10 am to 6 pm